About Us

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Our Mission

Our purpose is to provide more than satisfied guests with round the clock pampering, love, attention and exercise with a full day of activities with naps/lounging while offering the owner(s) full peace of mind with pet photo updates and pet report cards.

About Us

This home-away-from-home is optimum for any dog who loves to play and get exercised, just lounge around or train and work on obedience and/or behavioral issues. We are long time dog owners, pet sitters and certified in Dog & Cat First Aid and CPR with an equine background in Dressage with Arabians and Swedish Warmbloods. We are members of Pet Sitters International and Dog Vacay. We also host pet classes with Pet Tech, a program that has a certified Pet Tech instructor teach CPR, First Aid and Care for Your Pets here at Paw Hills.

We have all day here scheduled around taking care of your babies. We have a staff of three so your little one is never left alone. From 8am - 10pm there is a full list of activities for your pooch. We are mostly cage free and do not crate your dog unless he is crated at home. We are a bed and breakfast style pet resort & training academy, so your dog can be trained while you are away.

We do get booked up during summer weekends and major Holidays... so plan ahead and check for availability. Our home is a huge, clean oasis with security and a fenced in yard.

We feel that it is important that when a dog is boarded he should receive the same treatment as he/she does at home. It can be a real problem for pet owners to find the best and most reliable place for their pooch. We always had a tough time finding a place to board our dogs before Paw Hills and even used a real kennel twice. It was very nerve-racking and there is no peace of mind, so we find that our Facebook page helps because we post lots of photos and sometimes videos so you can see your pooch in action. We also text you updates just to let you know how things are going.

We take a limited amount of dogs ensuring yours will get the treatment he or she deserves!