Check-In Instructions

(562) 841-6527


Instructions for you and your dog to check-in at Paw Hills:

What to expect...

First, your dog must come for a tour/evaluation (by appointment only).

Call Tracie between 8am - 7pm for scheduling at 562-841-6527.

We will be evaluating your dog based on the following...

Your dog is social with people and friendly with other dogs, adjusts well to the environment, shows no aggression towards people and other dogs, able to rest or settle down, adjusts to sleeping quarters, does not bark much and is calm. It is also ideal that your dog does not guard toys, comes when called, easy to catch and handle, easy to lead.

If accepted, you will be asked to fill out our guest profile and agreement as part of the evaluation process. Most dogs will be asked to attend one day of doggie day care or an overnight stay before acceptance, so we can get to bond with them and know them better. This will ensure that our home is the right fit for your dog and tells us if he/she likes it here too!

Please bathe your dog before coming and be sure to apply the proper flea medication within the past 30 days and at least two days prior to boarding (so its not still a wet spot on the neck). We know that your dog is a member of your family so we treat them and care for them as one of our own. A happy dog is a happy household here, so we want to make sure that your dog is comfortable and content throughout the stay. As for the humans, we wouldn’t wanted you to stress or worry about leaving your dog either. We are in good communication and you are welcome to call, email, Facebook or text us throughout the stay. We post photos almost everyday so you can see the happenings here and feel comfortable while parted from your best buddy. The dogs are loved all day, everyday and most importantly never left unattended.

Now offering in-house baths for $25 - $35 per dog. (price based on size and coat)

Dogs sleep cage free. We do have some large crates for your dog if he/she is still a puppy. Your adult dog will not sleep in a crate if he/she does not sleep in one at home.

We do not accept puppies who are older than 7 months old that have not yet been spayed or neutered.

All you need to bring is your dog and food (medicine or a blanket if needed).


Here is how....

Bring food in (ziploc) baggies: one am baggie and one pm baggie with dog’s name labeled on it.

Label each can of wet food with dog’s name and measurement with a marker.

Medicine: if your dog takes pills, put the pills in the baggie with the kibble (so morning pills should be in the baggie with the am kibble and/or night pills in the baggie with the pm kibble)

Treats are okay to bring and will be given to the dogs individually so that they cannot become competitive for them. Please package treats in the same ziploc bag with the kibble.

No scoops, please.

** All medicine bottles must be labeled with dog’s name and dosage written on each bottle.


We expect that your pup is current on Rabies, Bordatella and DHLPP (or Parvo). You will need to provide us with a copy or have your vet fax it to us at 818-914-4486. If you are vaccinating prior to boarding, they should be given 10 days prior to attending day care or boarding.


All dogs are required to wear a Quick Release collar once checked-in at Paw Hills. No other type of collar is permitted- no leather buckles, choke chains or training collars. Extra playful pups and puppies will not wear a collar at all during play. We have some brand new quick release collars available to purchase for $15, in the even that you forget or do not have one. We also recommend that your dog have an I.D. tag on his or her collar (I always made sure that mine were tagged when I used to board my dogs). If you do not have an I.D. tag or do not bring one, we will put our own on that has our phone number on it.


Bathe your dog and trim nails before boarding. We keep the house clean so please bring your dog cleaned. Let us know if you would like our grooming service and your dog will be bathed or a full groom before returning home to you.


NO Beds, NO Toys, NO Bones - We have plenty!!

We have everything your pooch will need :)

We have plenty of nice clean dog beds. Bringing your own bed is acceptable at your own risk of it getting marked with urine or chewed, so if you choose to bring one, please bring one that you do not care about.

We have plenty of Kong toys and balls for your pups to play with here. Bones are not allowed because they are a choking hazard and dogs can become territorial over their bones (including their own beds and toys). We do work with the dogs constantly and teach them to share.

Reservations & Payments

Reservations require a 100% non-refundable deposit for all new clients, holidays, or last minute bookings.

Reservations for established clients during non-peak times of the year require a 50 % non-refundable deposit with the balance due at check-in. This helps us to have more certainty that your dog is actually coming and prevent last minute cancellations leaving us with open spaces that could have gone to someone else we turned away and who really wanted to board their dog(s) with us. (Some reservations will require a 100% non-refundable deposit like new clients, holidays or last minute bookings.) We charge by the 24 hour day, so after the 24 hour mark a partial or full day charge applies. See our Rates & Hours page.

There are no exchanges or refunds. We can credit your account toward a future visit which is good for up to one year.

High season and holiday day rates may apply so call ahead for rates and availability.

Additional charges apply for transportation, grooming, training and meals from our home cooked made to order organic menu which you can select from by clicking on our Menu page.